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Pakistani TikTok star Hareem Shah desired to play a role like Halime Sultan

- 21 May, 2020 217 Views 0 Comment

Hareem Shah wants to play a role similar to Halime Sultan from Ertugrul

During an interview with a web show, Hareem Shah said, If I am offered to play the role like Halima Sultan, I will definitely accept it.


She went on to say, The role of Halime Sultan is very difficult, but I will do so as it will increase the knowledge of our history. Hareem continued, when you receive a good offer, everyone tries to do justice with his role and I will also try so.


Hareem Shah has expressed her desire to play a role like Halime Sultan, from historical Turkish drama serial Dirilius Ertugrul or Ertugrul Ghazi being aired on state-run television (PTV) dubbed in Urdu.


She also praised Turkish star Esra Bilgic, who essays the lead role of Halime Sultan, saying that the actress portrayed her character beautifully.