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Nawaz’s Recent Photograph Flashes Debates Over his Wellbeing

- 31 May, 2020 313 Views 0 Comment

Nawaz Sharif's recent photograph flashes debates over his wellbeing


One more leaked image of previous head administrator Nawaz Sharif at a side of the road cafe in London started a discussion about his wellbeing on Saturday.


As the image became famous online via social media, it started a discussion about the previous head's wellbeing with his depreciators inquiring as to why he doesn't come back to Pakistan on the off chance that he is well and meandering on London roads.


On the other hand, his supporters communicated delight at seeing their pioneer healthy and spirits.


Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) representative Maryam Aurangzeb told that some bystander had snapped the photo of Nawaz Sharif when he halted at a side of the road cafe after a walk, and transferred it via social media.


In the image, Sharif is seen sitting at a side of the road cafe with his granddaughters. He is seen wearing a blue shalwar kameez and a cap.


Mariyam Nawaz commented on his fathers leaked image tweeting:

“The image of Nawaz Sharif was leaked with a goal to mortify him. In any case, the reaction to it was something else. The supporters of Mian sb got glad to see him. His depreciators must gain from this.”