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Sri Lankan cricketer’s are returning to training

- 1 June, 2020 231 Views 0 Comment

Sri Lankan cricketer’s returning to training today

A select gathering of Sri Lanka cricketers, basically bowlers will profit to preparing for Monday, in the midst of endeavors, to restart the game after the coronavirus shutdown, the cricket board said on Sunday.


Thirteen players will look into lodging for a 12-day private camp at the Colombo Cricket Club (CCC) Ground, Sri Lanka Cricket (SLC) said in an announcement. The players will be joined by a four-part group of mentors and collaborators.


An instructing and care staff of four will regulate the preparation, during which players won't be permitted outside the inn premises and the training scene.


"The players partaking in the camp speak to a general crew browsed overall organizations, and essentially comprise of bowlers, as they need more opportunity for molding before going into dynamic rivalry," it said. "Individuals participating in the camp won't be permitted to leave the inn premises or the training scene to go to individual issues."